What We Do

Rebels don't follow the status quo & they aren't afraid of adventure either!

That's why our guests are called Sugar Rebels!


The world needs to know there IS a better way to remove hair.  Since co-owners Tracie and Heather were already knee-deep in manufacturing, distributing and educating about their sugaring products, they decided a dedicated sugaring studio was the obvious next step and so, Sugar Streak Studio was born.

Our beginnings were humble and our journey completely unintentional. After several attempts with the usual methods to remove hair, a friend suggested sugaring and we thought, why not?

Heather's husband was the guinea pig (of course) and it took one session to see that sugaring was the bomb!  No heat, no strips or spatulas, no crazy price tag and he stayed smoother, longer.  We were sold.

Unfortunately, the woman we'd found to sugar him was no longer going to offer the service due to her growing family, so it took us three long years before we found sugaring again.  That was well over a decade ago.  Since then, Heather and Tracie have educated professionals, distributed professional sugaring products and now manufacture, distribute and educate all over the United States. 

Join us for the #sugarrevolution.